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Web design is one of the services that get all the glory. Web design deals with anything that is visible when viewing a website. It is responsible for websites conversion rate, brand recognition, and the general feeling off a user about your business.

Web designers always want to make a website as beautiful. The only thing that stops them from making that mistake is the knowledge of user experience (UX) factors. Beautiful website doesn't equal great sales and conversions.

At CliqVentures we study user behavior extensively. We learn about user behavior, mouse movements, goal path experience and other important factors which contribute to conversion rate. We apply all that knowledge in to every project on behalf of our clients.

The end goal of a web design service is to generate a template which will work together with a developed web application through our web development service. Both services are equally important to operate a website and is usually bundled as one project.

What's included in web design service?

Logo design

Website logo doesn't take a lot of space but it's one of most recognized areas on a webpage. In an internet marketing world a person remembering a brand logo is called “recall”. A logo needs to identify with a given business and be easy to remember.

Properly designed logo will boost the brand identity and set the tone for the rest of the website. Our designers create the flow of the website to match the flow and feel of the logo.

It's important to keep the design balance of the all important parts of of each page.

See more about our logo design service.

Graphic design

First step of web design process falls on the graphic designer. Selection of right images is only half the battle. A graphic designer will customize each image to fit the overall design. Images have to be optimized, layered, mixed to compose the whole look end feel.

Apart from choosing the perfect image our designers work close with the rest of the development team to make sure that all images are mobile and desktop friendly. Images have to be light in weight and fast loading.

Our graphic designers have to find the balance between beauty and functionality. Any image can say a thousand words, by many situations they have to serve as a backdrop. Layering multiple images on top of each other doesn't call for attention in turn creates a comfortable reading experience.

Identification of your target audience allows us to create web graphics that's catered to those individuals who are likely to convert in to a customer. Image association plays a big role and a decision whether a user wants to engage with a business. Our job is to make the the user comfortable on our way of creating trust.

Front End coding

One of the crucial steps and designing website s so arrange all elements of each page to display properly on browsers and be up-to-date with the newest industry standards. Front end of the website plays a huge role in page optimization. A well structured page will excel in areas such as: high conversions, page speed, SEO ranking.

Front End programmer operates with various testing tools and multiple programming languages. To load a standard functioning web page our developers are fluent in:

  • HTML/CSS - to constrain the layout, colors and other visual factors of the design.
  • JavaScript/jQuery - to make the design interactive after the web page has completely loaded in to a static state.
  • CSS and JavaScript - to augment the visual aspect of various page elements after the web page has completely loaded in to a static state.
  • CSS Preloading - to optimize how fast each webpage loads in every browser
  • Responsive Design - to restructure the layout of each web page according to screen resolutions and browser sizes
  • Testing/Debugging - to render the sides in every possible environment and to ensure bug free operation.

Properly structured website with clear call to actions create a big advantage over existing competition. Staying on top of best industry practices allows us to provide user-friendly applications and at the same time highly converting properties for our clients.

Content Implementation

The most important element any website is its content. While images are pleasing to the eye of a user, search engines primarily read text. The goal is to have text in areas which are most useful to the user.

For most internet users reading text can be stressful. Based on our tests we are able to create a comprehensive strategy for content allocation. Captivating a user with taxed is one of most competitive areas in web publishing.

Our web design team carefully plans and implements content while applying various text styles based on its role within the overall strategy.

See more about content creation in our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service.

Page speed

When designing a page our programmers put special emphasis on how fast that page will load. Page loading speed is becoming more and more important. Internet services recognize that increased use of smartphones call for internet pages to load as quickly as possible.

Starting with Google and soon to be followed by other services mobile version of the web app is becoy more important over other displays. As internet services shift their views on the importance of mobile usability our team is already considering mobile design first as standard.

Growth compatibility

We understand that the first build of a brand new website includes only essential parts of a business. As time passes and websites mature requests for new features and component additions are common. During the initial build our coders keep all designs modular so they can be augmented and improved.

Modular design allows us to divide each web page into small individual sections. Each section is designed to work independently from other sections. Page sections can be repositioned or moved to any part of the website and not lose any functionality or purpose.

Being prepared for expansion and growth on a digital platform can save a client time and money. Avoiding future expenses can be hard for client the has no experience in building a website. As CliqVentures grows alongside of our clients it's important to us that our platforms are cost efficient and compatible with our clients business.

Quality Assurance (QA)

We stand by our work. Most of our clients have been referred to us by existing clients based on or performance. (Thanks) We take our quality control seriously.

By having access to over 1500 browser environments we are able to test each section of the website in a separate environment. There are significant differences between browsers such as: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer just to name a few.

We invested in to creation of various  quality assurance processes. All tests are completed with cross browser capabilities. Ensuring our clients that their properties are up to date to the highest web standards.

In summary

A well-designed website can mean the difference between high volume conversions and no conversions. It's important to give the user the information that they're looking for as fast as possible. CliqVentures focus on quick conversions and stress-free environment while visiting a web application.

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